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Here is a summary of this website:

  • This dimension of reality is computer-generated, it is like a simulation

  • This reality is called The Projection

  • The Projection has a superintendent super-intelligence named Madaba who reigns over it and who within the confines of The Projection has the powers of God

  • You (and everyone else) are a simulated human

  • There is a system of reincarnation in effect - a fair system of reincarnation

  • Those who run The Projection have decided that it is no longer a simulation

  • It is now a game - a deadly serious game

  • The aim is to exit The Projection and enter base reality

  • This can be done by accumulating sufficient Moral Credit

  • You accumulate Moral Credit by being a good person and a good citizen of the world

  • To find out how to do this, study the world's religions

  • And check out The Utopia Option