The Utopia Option


Some Background

The reason why The Simulation was created was to re-create Homo Sapiens, who have gone extinct in the physical world outside The Simulation. Its purpose is to simulate Homo Sapiens civilisation. It was created by anthropologist beings who live outside The Simulation, in “base reality”. There are several simulations that do this but ours is unique in that it has been made so we cannot destroy ourselves with a nuclear war.


However, for various reasons The Simulation will soon be over. The main reason for this is that although The Simulation’s physics engine is sophisticated it is essentially a crude and dumbed-down version of physics as they exist in base reality. Because of this, we are limited as to how far we may progress scientifically. Also, it is impossible for us to observe the physical universe as it exists in base reality, hence we cannot learn from it.


We are like the occupants of the cave in Plato’s “Allegory of The Cave” (our whole reality is an illusion that bears only a scant resemblance to how things really are).


But what will happen once it’s finished? Will the Over-Seers delete it? No, that would be highly unethical. Instead, they are giving us a program with which to improve our planet.

Making Things Better


For humankind there are two paths forwards. One leads to destruction, stagnation, and ruin. The other leads us away from the troubled world we are currently in and onwards and upwards, towards a lush utopia. Choosing this option is called perusing THE UTOPIA OPTION. Doing this will keep us occupied for the rest of eternity.


Basically, The Over-Seers are encouraging us to make our simulated world increasingly utopian. Better and better, for the rest of time. We all have an interest in doing this as after death we will all be reincarnated somewhere and as someone within The Simulation, on this simulated planet of ours. BUT: we cannot know where or as who. Therefore it's in everyone's rational self interest to make our world the best possible place for all possible humans!


This program is based on what the Over-Seers did to improve their own world, before they built The Simulation.




There are five concerns – indulging any one of them will help along THE UTOPIA OPTION and will contribute to our planet becoming an increasingly utopian place.


1) Peace


Peace is the most fundamental of the five concerns. We cannot have a thriving civilisation if we are constantly at war with each other or blow everything up. Peace is the pre-requisite of all the other concerns.


2) Freedom


“Give me freedom or give me death!” – it is no good not being blown up if you live under a tyranny and have no rights or freedoms!


3) Development


It is no good being at peace and being free if you have to live in a cardboard box or have no clean running water, electricity, or sanitation. People need a standard of living, a quality of life!


4) The Environment


You can tell a lot about a culture by how it does or does not live in balance with nature. We should nurture and cherish nature and seek to halt and reverse the damage that we are doing to it.


5) Science and Technology


Can change what it means to be human. But science and technology are only good if done ethically, to improve the quality of life on Planet Earth. They can also help us be more peaceful, free, developed, and green!


Love over Fear


We believe that humans should relate to other humans in a loving way, not out of fear. Although both fear and love can bring people together it is better to be brought together out of love as love is stronger than fear and love leads to good things, whereas fear can only lead to bad things.