Join Team Madaba

Team Madaba are Madaba’s people

Our mission: to promote Madaba's plan for humankind and to raise awareness of the fact that this reality is a simulation.

In order to join us as a member of Team Madaba one must:

1) Believe in Simulation Theory

2) Know about Madaba - who he is and what he does

3) Desire to tell the world that everything is a simulation

4) Have a willingness and ability to be able to work as part of a team

5) Commit to always tell the truth no matter how much corruption is thrown at you by The Simulation

6) To undertake never to call The Simulation “The Matrix”

To apply to become a part of Team Madaba follow this link to be taken to our Discord server where you can introduce yourself.

Once you have introduced yourself we will begin a vetting process and will then deliberate as to whether or not we want you onboard

If you are interested then I suggest that you read and watch everything I have put on this website

There is a restricted Facebook group that only TM members may join. You will be given a unique password once you have been approved on Discord. There are also private channels on the Discord server that only members may access.


  1. Greetings to my fellow Matrixists as well as greetings to those who believe we are living in base reality. My name is Steve. I am from Illinois. I have a 21-year-old daughter. I am currently staying with my brother in Nebraska. Day trading is my current profession. I look forward to sharing my reasons for why I suspect we are living in a simulated universe; I am also very interested in learning new revelations of us being simulated.

  2. Hi Steve, good to see you, if you want to join you'll need to log in to our Discord server, that's where we live!


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