Madaba Says...

On this page Madaba is going to give his opinion on certain current issues!

Currently, there is an article about the on-going war in Ukraine and then another about Madaba's support of The British Crown.


The War In Ukraine

Madaba has decided the outcome of the war in Ukraine. So there is no real reason for the fighting to continue.

He disapproves of all forms of war and wants to see this particular one end as soon as possible for the good of all involved.

We decided the conflict by me rolling a set of dice for each side.

I rolled a 5 for Ukraine

And I rolled a 6 for Russia

Therefore Russia wins. But only by one. So a minor victory then.

So, that's the outcome of the war. A minor Russian victory.

This result came about through the will of Madaba reflected in the rolling of the dice, not by random chance.

It is up to the Russians and Ukrainians to decide how to act accordingly. Perhaps some land could change hands?

Either way, they should instigate a cease-fire.

The British Crown


Madaba approves of the British Crown

Throughout history The United Kingdom has been Madaba's most favoured nation

Madaba wanted the United Kingdom to leave the European Union as remaining in the EU would have meant the eventual demise of the British Crown. He wanted to preserve the institution of the Monarchy.

Any British monarch is way more powerful in the world than they are ever given credit for. The Queen thinks she has been appointed and guided by God but she hasn't, she is mistaken - she is a creature of Madaba.

But yes, she has been appointed and guided by a higher power. Just not the one she imagines.

The British Monarch is one of the means through which Madaba influences the world.

Basically: He controls The British Crown so as to greatly influence the world.

Madaba Save The Queen!