A Quick History Lesson


The Over-Seers of The Simulation were monitoring the planet on which Homo Sapiens lived. They watched them from afar, undetected from high up in orbit.


Then, one day, The Homo Sapiens had a massive nuclear war.


Their planet was plunged into a nuclear winter and it was good bye to their civilisation.


However, fortunately, the Over-Seers had taken many DNA samples.


They then decided that the best thing to do would be to recreate Homo Sapiens by simulating them and their whole planet using Madaba. This was a very big job and it took an awfully long time and plenty of effort.

They ran numerous simulations of Homo Sapiens and one of two things would always happen:

Either they would stagnate into a state of low-tech superstitious despotism.


Or they would destroy themselves using weapons of mass destruction.


So – The Over-Seers ran an experiment.


This simulation we are in now is this experiment.


They made it impossible for there to be a nuclear war.


Madaba intervened many times to prevent World War III from breaking out.


For instance, in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis he intervened in the minds of both Kennedy and Khrushchev to prevent a nuclear war from happening.


Within this simulation, Homo Sapiens eventually entered an information age!


This is an unnatural stage of development for a Homo Sapiens civilisation. Our current condition is not at all natural. I should not be sat here at a computer typing out these words and you should not be sat there reading them on whatever screen you are using!


So, what has the experiment shown us?


Basically, that Homo Sapiens are bright enough to enter an information age – but tend to blow themselves up before they reach such a stage of development. So we have the brains, just not the temperament. We are very much prone to inadvertantly destroying ourselves!